The combination of thoughts is called 'Unity'.  Where many people work in unison, with one thought or purpose in mind, there is unity.  'Unity' is the feeling of being one.  It strengthens man's thoughts, his determination and morale.  In such condition no work remains difficult or impossible.  Man lives in society.  For this he imagines unity, because he cannot live alone in the world or in society.

This is his natural weakness.  To overcome this weakness, he establishes unity first in his family, then in the neighbourhood, then in his caste or sect.  This unity is what makes the society.  Unity is necessary to lead a social life.  Without it man would be an animal, all free and free in their own right.  In such a state, new ideas are not born and man is no longer a social animal.  

Therefore unity is essential for human life.  To make the family happy, unity among the people is needed, to make the society happy, unity among all castes, sects and classes is needed and to keep the country free, unity is needed among the countrymen.

  In this way, unity among all the people is necessary to keep the family, society and the country happy and full in every way.  Without unity, all the parts of life break apart.  In such a situation, when there is an attack on a country from outside, then the country becomes subjugated.  It is clear that without unity our life cannot go on even for a moment.  

Unity is the mother of happiness, progress and success.  There are many examples of this.  We have a very old story here.  It is as follows- A farmer had four boys.  They used to fight with each other.  The farmer used to be very sad to see this condition of his boys.

  One day when he started dying, he called all his boys and asked them to break some wood separately.  They all did this in turn and broke one by one the wood.  Then, the farmer asked the boys to break a bundle of wood that was not broken by anyone.  Then the eyes of the boys opened and since then they started living together, the rest of their life was spent with great joy and happiness.

The human anatomy is a beautiful example of unity.  If any part of the body stops working, can life be cut off from happiness and joy?  The answer is no.  If the mind stops the work of thinking, the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the heart stops the work of breathing and exhaling, then we can easily understand what will happen to the human being.

  The whole health of the body is in the working together of its parts.  India was attacked from outside only when there was a lack of unity in the country.  But when we became one, then the British government continued to run from here.  It is clear from these examples that whether we live in the family or in the society or in the country there is a need for unity at all places. 

 It gives an opportunity to a person to lead a beautiful, happy and joyful life.  True happiness and strength lies in unity;  Unity removes despair, promotes enthusiasm and creates new paths of progress and development.