Economic development

 Economic Development

 The qualitative change that takes place in an economy is called economic development, in which social values ​​are inherent. 

Generally, the increase in the economic growth of a particular region, country or individuals is called economic development, but from the point of view of policy making, economic development includes all those efforts, whose goal is to improve the economic condition and standard of living of a population.  

☆The global happiness index (HPI )☆

Have to do  Various experts have expressed their views in the context of economic development, but in this context G.  M .  Meier's definition has been widely accepted.  

☆Green gross domestic product ( GDP )☆

According to this definition, economic development is the process that results in a long-term increase in the real per capita income of a country, but it should not increase the inequalities of the distribution of income and people living below the poverty line.