Economic structure

 Economic Structure 

The national income of any country is a monetary measure of the quantity of final goods and services produced in a particular period, which is determined from the GDP.  

The structure of national income is evident from the contribution of sectors related to various economic activities.  Therefore, the contribution of various sectors to the gross domestic product or national income is called the economic structure of national income. 

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 For example, the economic structure of India is made up of the contribution of activities related to the primary sector (agriculture sector), secondary or secondary sector (manufacturing sector) and tertiary sector (administrative and service sector).  

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Structural Changes With the passage of time, differences in the contribution of different sectors in the economic system and national income are visible.  Therefore, the relative change in the contribution of different sectors to the national income is called structural change.  

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That is, in the context of India, the relative changes in the contribution of primary sector, secondary sector and tertiary sector to national income are called structural changes.