Green gross domestic product ( GDP )

 Green Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 

Achieving economic development within a geographical boundary without harming the environment, that is, while conserving the environment Green GDP.  

Green economy counts those products whose production process does not cause environmental damage.  Green Mr.  n p.  (Green GNP) is that amount of production per capita in a given time period to the citizens of the country, which is obtained by keeping the country's natural wealth constant.  

☆national income☆

It was started by the World Bank in the year 1995.  The Misery Index is developed by the sum of the unemployment rate and the inflation rate, which measures the adverse effect of rising inflation on the unemployed population.

☆income method☆ 

 Sacrifice Ratio The percentage of decline in the prosperity rate of GDP if the rate of inflation is reduced per unit percentage is called sacrifice ratio.