India and the Asian development Bank

 India and the Asian Development Bank 

India has been a founding member of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) since its inception in 1966. Since the beginning of its lending operations in the country in 1986, the Asian Development Bank has engaged in infrastructure related activities.

  Partnered with India in its efforts to reduce poverty through development.India is the fourth largest shareholder (6.42%) of the Asian Development Bank.The Indian body participating in ADB-related matters is the Ministry of Finance.  
☆Multilateral investment ☆

At present there are 274 Asian Development Bank assisted projects and 490 technical projects underway in India. ADB provides hard loans on commercial terms from Ordinary Capital Resources (OCR Common Capital Resources) and ADB affiliated Asian Development Fund. 

☆Organization and structure ☆

 Gives loans from specified funds at concessional rates. The capital contributed by the members for OCR which includes paid-up and redeemable capital. ADB borrows from the international capital markets against the guarantee of its capital.