Organization and structure

 Organization and Structure 

 In the meeting of the Council of Ministers in the year 1983, the first practical step was taken to organize the structure of the SAARC organization.  

In this meeting a two-pronged framework was established in the form of Technical Committee and Standing Committee.  A number of study and working groups were included in the Technical Committee and the Standing Committee includes foreign secretaries of SAARC member states.

☆welfare economics☆

  SAARC Secretariat was established on 16 January 1987 in Kathmandu.  The Secretariat consists of a Principal Secretary General, seven Directors and general service staff.  The Secretary-General is appointed by the Council of Foreign Ministers.  This appointment takes place among the member countries in alphabetical order.

☆economic structure☆

  This appointment is for two years, which is not renewed.  The directors are appointed by the Secretary-General on the nomination of the member states of SAARC. 

☆economic development☆

 The appointment is for a period of one year, which can be extended by the Secretary-General for a maximum period of three years in special circumstances after consultation with the member states concerned.