The global happiness index (HPI )

 The Global Happiness Index (HPI)

 This measure of a country's happiness began in the year 2012, when the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), a global initiative of the United Nations, gave the first report.  

In this index, six factors are taken into account to check the status of different countries:

☆Green gross domestic product ( GDP )☆

 1. Gross Domestic Product (Income) per capita 

☆national income☆

2. Healthy Lifespan 

3. Social Security (Whether there will be any help in trouble) 

☆income method☆

4. Trust (Govt.  and general perception about corruption in private business) 

5. Freedom (how free people feel to make decisions about their lives) 

6. Generosity (recent donations).  

☆Net national product☆

Out of the above factors, social security, income and healthy lifespan, the difference between these three factors becomes the main basis for deciding the ranking of a country.